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We take pride in delivering maximum results to our clients. We understand what it takes to drive traffic, convert visitors, and deliver return on investment.

Driven over 7,386,129 leads for our clients

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Why datameris Is The Best Digital Marketing agency For Your Business

Digital marketing is one of the most conspicuous trends of today’s world, where everything is advertised and campaigned for, be it in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or through Search Engine and E-Mail marketing.

In our agency, we have assembled a team with expertise in digital marketing, who are known for their extensive market research skills. With years of experience and our unrivaled dedication, we work on achieving real results and aim to ensure a consistent and successful relationship with our clients.

We use the right tools and methods to increase your revenue, which is normally not promised by individual marketing consultants. Although creating quality content is considered to be of utmost importance in digital marketing, we go on to additionally guarantee a positive surge in the ROI of your marketing campaign, which is one of our most significant and varied skill sets.

Apart from that, we work on analysing and informing you about the various aspects of measuring your ROI, because our sole purpose is to aim for a profitable return on investment.

That said, you don’t have to worry about running a campaign for your online platforms. By hiring our agency, you have our best statisticians to do that for you.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow?

Digital Marketing agency in kerala are constantly on the look-out for the most cutting-edge techniques and approaches, in which your business can be promoted.

However, if the right kind of audience is not gathered through these campaigns, even having the most striking content doesn’t make a huge impact. For that reason, digital marketing plays a huge role in optimizing quality traffic. It aids in initiating more effective conversations and boosts the probability of attracting the right audience to your landing page.

As a result, you will not only get a quicker return on you PPC, but also run a chance of getting massive sales from clients. These clients, who regularly contribute to your sales, are actually built on the trust and loyalty, that they have towards the website’s reputation, which in turn promptly increases the credibility and authority of the website.

Outranking our competitors by using the right strategies, digital marketing campaigns make sure to accumulate qualified web traffic and add value to you company.

What digital marketing strategies should my company adopt?

The services provided by digital marketing agencies include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website Design

Social Media Marketing:

Most companies manage their clients through social media platforms. When it comes to the process of gaining traffic and generating engagement through social media sites, social media marketing has proved to be an instant success.

Running a campaign over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, involves engaging your followers by publishing relevant content on your pages, while also regularly analyzing the results and having a consistent presence on social media.

We use this form of digital marketing strategy since it serves as a great means of communication and initiates conversations with potential clients.

Although gradually, it gives a solid chance of collecting and maintaining the leads for your sales. Using this strategy helps you measure and determine your return on investment, especially when you look at it from a vision of a long-term profit.

To make this possible, it is extremely important to conduct a research on the engagement of the audience, which is done using analytics tool, especially when the campaign is targeted on a specific set of audience.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

Pay-per-click campaigns are another effective mode of marketing. It is based on the code that we have to pay the search engine a particular amount for every time the ad is clicked by a customer. The PPC advertising is mostly used with Google Ads, which is one of the most widespread search engine platforms. It enables companies to set up campaigns and primarily works on the principle that each click on the landing page done by the client will be paid for, by the advertiser.

Keeping in mind the fact that the client’s visit to your page is more valuable that the fee charged, we work on creating lucrative and meaningful content, to generate the conversations with the target audience, ultimately leading to higher revenues. In order to achieve this, your PPC keyword research is of incredible importance. What matters the most is the quality and relevance of keywords used in these Ads, that attracts the customers and encourages them to click on it. The targeted keywords should be able to create a surge in your PPC click-through rate, that measures the rate in which your PPC ads are clicked.

Email Marketing:

Although Email is not one of the newest forms of communication, a majority of the population make use of Email for official purposes and check their mails on a daily basis. Compared to social media, email marketing is proved to be one of the widest portals and more effective in reaching the masses.

It is simpler and capable of reaching anyone with an active email address. Developing an email marketing strategy with valuable content is the first step to draw and engage your clients.

Email marketing is, in fact, considered to be one of the most cost- effective strategies of marketing to promote your campaigns, provided you have an active subscriber list, to consistently get a high ROI. We diligently work on providing you with the required tools and support to optimize your email campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The main aim of using the search engine marketing strategy is to increase your company’s visibility in search engines such as Google or Yahoo by appearing in search result pages, whenever a client types a specific keyword in the search box.

We have evolved in the process of tracking your SEO success, which is a crucial step in marketing strategy. The strategy of Search Engine Optimization has proved to be more effective than other traditional methods of advertising, as SEO strategies provide high ROI and collects visitor traffic at a higher rate.

To achieve a successful campaign through SEO marketing, the first step is finding and studying your target audience. Being informed about your audience’s preference of content, helps in determining the type of keywords that they’ll be looking for, hence being beneficial to them.

In order to optimize your website, the next step would be coming up with effective keyword research for your SEO campaigns, that ensures attractive and well-structured content.

Website Design & Development:

Web design is of immense importance to your digital marketing strategy. In order to sustain a successful marketing campaign, it is crucial to have a responsive website, which can take care of engaging content, speed of the site, while also converting leads at a higher rate. Hence the web design takes into consideration, the factors such as the type of audience to be targeted and their needs, which make a huge impact while building or redesigning a website.

SEO- Why it matters for your company?

It is a well-known and obvious factor that a majority of users click the first few suggestions in the search engine result page. Based on the search engine ranking factors or algorithms, your website appears in a particular order. There are various branches of SEO such as

  • Traditional SEO,
  • eCommerce SEO,
  • Local SEO
  • Enterprise SEO

Traditional SEO:

Traditional SEO campaigns primarily work on generating maximum traffic for your websites. To gather more visitors through traditional organic channels such as Google, it is important to optimize your websites for search engines to outrank other non-optimized sites, and to get one of the top ranks in the result page, based on search engine algorithms and the keyword search used by the target audience.

eCommerce SEO:

Owning to the ever-increasing number of online shoppers on a daily basis, the eCommerce SEO has its focus on online shopping websites.

When it comes to organising your product pages and categories, one of the chief features of eCommerce search engine is making sure that the audience are engaged with your content and not side-tracked while navigating the website.

The eCommerce SEO provides the sites with specific guidelines and ensures that your product gets displayed on Google. Generating exposure on search engines is, therefore, the main goal of eCommerce SEO.

Local SEO:

As the name suggests, Local search engine optimization aids in promoting your local business online. The local SEO marketing stands as a special type of campaign, that is different from other search engine marketing strategies. It predominantly provides the client information related to their location.

For instance, when a customer looks for a doctor or hospital in his location using the keywords ‘doctors near me’, the search engine understands the needs of the customer and provides him with the relevant data, i.e., the list of doctors or hospitals in his location. Along with the list, the search engine also shows additional information such as the reviews and rating of the respective hospital.

Hence, optimization of your websites for local search is of incredibly important, exclusively for the reason that a majority of individuals land on the store after doing a local search.

Enterprise SEO:

Enterprise SEO plays a huge role in garnering revenue and improving quality traffic for larger organisations. The part played by enterprise SEO is multifaceted.

According to the specific needs of a company, the enterprise SEO typically helps in strengthening the messaging that is obtained from the search habits of the target audience. It also makes an analysis on the research data and provides the members of the marketing team with recommendable ideas, in order to optimize search engine visibility. This is a process from which paid marketers would be benefitted on a large scale. The marketing agency using enterprise SEO as a strategy, would usually deal with both the marketing and business aspect of the campaign.

The enterprise SEO team works on developing the campaign, creating content and recommending software programs, that take care of daily rankings and thereby, ensure a massive surge in revenue.

We’ve driven over 7,386,129 leads for clients. Discover how we can help your business grow

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Frequently Asked Questions On Digital Marketing

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the hub of any marketing campaign. Unlike traditional offline marketing strategies, digital marketing enables you to get an updated report after analysing the performance of your campaign. It also allows you to adapt to the constant changes happening on a regular basis. This is one of the valuable factors that help in tracking and accumulating quality leads to your business.

How to conduct a successful digital marketing campaign?

It depends on a number of factors, such as creative content, rate of ROI, conversion rate, that are put together by the marketing agency team, who aim for continuous optimization of your campaign through consistent analysis and reporting tools. These tactics are put to use in a number of digital marketing platforms, that enhance the results and collect valuable conversations for your business.

Where can I find information about the visitors to my webpage?

Although an entire disclosure of visitor’s identity is not easily accessible, reporting tools like Google Analytics enable you to track the information and type of visitors to your web page. It provides you with all the essential details such as metrics behavior, page views and the average time spent on your site by a visitor.

This can help you to track and determine the progression of your web pages, and adapt to the current preferences of the visitors accordingly.

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