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Datameris is one of the best SEO company in India — and we don’t take that lightly. No matter what marketing goals you have for your business, Datameris will help you achieve it with an SEO campaign that is specifically designed for your unique business.

Most businesses have it wrong when it comes to SEO. They focus on rankings, not revenue. Rankings and traffic are great, but if those visitors don’t convert, it doesn’t matter.

Our strategy is to employ a wide variety of tactics that ensure long-term rankings and results for your business.


Proven Performance

Successfully deployed unique strategies in hundreds of industries, helps hundreds of businesses get early wins, drive growth, and achieve long-term sustainability.

Result Oriented

From early wins to long term strategies, we create a predictable system to make you win in the digital environment & help you scale to new heights.

Leading Digital Experts

One of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in India, the team of world-class designers, developers, and marketers

94% of potential customers use search engines before making a purchase

A high SERP ranking (Search Engine Result Page Ranking) places your website in front of potential clients who are actively looking for the products and services that you offer. This will increase website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue.

We do the process of optimizing your website to achieve the highest possible SERP ranking. Think of it this way, when potential clients enter key phrases into major search engines like Google, you want your website to appear right at the top of that first page of results.


Our team spent working across all different industries learning, growing and helping businesses.



Businesses choose datameris stays with us and enjoys the growth they are getting for every penny spent

Days Money Back Guarantee

When you choose datameris for first time, we don’t expect you to take any chance, let us take care of it.

Dedicated Manager Each

Dedicated business account manager for each client. You don’t have to stay in que.

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Tailored campaigns to ensure your ROI

Whether you’re a local, regional or multinational company, our SEO package can deliver results. Your campaign will begin with a thorough consultation alongside our expert SEO team, we’ll ensure that we’re fully aligned with your goals and requirements.

We then develop powerful campaigns to help you grow. Whether it’s more traffic, higher conversions, better rankings or greater revenue, we design & deliver a strategy to fit your goals.

We are a leading digital agency, and we take pride in delivering real results to our clients. We understand what it takes to drive traffic, convert visitors, and deliver return on investment.

  • The 105,609 hours, our team spent working across all different industries learning, growing businesses and sharpening our knowledge.
  • We use the most modern data analytics tools with a creative flair to achieve the maximum result
  • We’re a fast moving with crystal clear ROI tracking
  • We choose to focus on just a few clients at a time. This way, we can dedicate the resources it takes to completely understand you, grow your business, and help your company achieve its full potential.
  • We drink more coffee than you do

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Happy Clients

"When it comes to winning in the digital economy, the first team I go to is Datameris. Their team gets straight to the point with the goal of reaching more"

Dr Gireesh

MD, Athreya Wellness Resorts

"Datameris did everything they said they would do and did it on time! The best thing is that the whole process was super easy! thank you!"


CEO, Dheemahi Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd

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-Douglas Warner III, CEO - J.P. Morgan Chase & Co

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