Why Display Advertising is Important for Business

April 1, 2021

The main purpose of advertising is to reach and engage a wide array of audience and at present, the most exclusive form for this purpose is that of Display advertising

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is a way of advertising your business i.e. your product and your services with visuals like images and video to attract your potential leads on networks such as websites, social media, or any other digital mediums.

Display advertising encourages the audience to take a specific action like to click-through to a landing page and make a purchase. There are many types of advertising such as print advertising and broadcast advertising but there is no other form that effectively inspires the audience to know more about the specific subject of the ad

Unlike search ads which are “pull” advertising i.e. search ads only appear to those who are already searching for your product or services display ads are “push” ads i.e. display ads appear on the top or side of a website, surrounding the content. They come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and flavors. If you recently visited an e-commerce website and considered purchasing a product or two, you likely saw a display ad for the same product when visiting other websites online.

Mostly display ads are on a cost per click basis which means every time the user clicks on the ad a specific amount will be charged. cost-per-click cannot be viewed in a vacuum. With cost-per-click identified, businesspersons are better equipped to calculate return on investment (ROI). They can be effectively used for retargeting campaigns. This is where ads are shown to users who have already visited a specific site. The aim is to “retarget” them and encourage them to return to the site to take action

Types of Display Advertising

Banner ads

Banner ads are one of the oldest and traditional forms of advertising. But still, banner ads are very much in demand. The origin of banner advertising can be traced back to web marketing. banner ads usually appear at the top of websites in a banner format. Most of the time these are depicted by images or graphics with text that are designed to grab the attention of consumers. The idea is to grab the attention of the customers from the host page to the advertiser’s page and later convert them into a paying client.

Vibrant colors and quality graphics are used to make banner ads very appealing. A call to action tab also makes it very popular. If the visual appeal is better the reaction of the customers will be much higher.

Animated ads

Animated ads have an advantage over banner ads when it comes to catching the eye of the audience. Animation has movements that naturally capture the attention and it works against banner blindness.

Animated ads can offer a layer of humor that makes them more watchable than a typical banner ad. Animated ads are similar to gifs. it is easier to create a narrative with animated ads that the target audience can easily connect with.

Animated ads can be more informative, fun, and constructs a clear narrative around the product and its benefits.

Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that take over a user’s phone screen or browser window. They appear in between transition points while using apps or browsers. interstitial ads are presented more often during loading screens

They are most commonly seen in mobile gaming apps and most often when we use the free version of the app it is required to view the ad. google estimates the viewability around 54 percent

Video ads

Video advertising is a very powerful tool to reach your customers and have an impact on them while effectively helping the company to get its desired conversion figures. Product videos help customers when they are in a decision-making process.

Videos can deliver a complete visual experience, which helps the customers to get a closer feel of the product
The YouTube advertising platform, as well as social networks like Instagram and Facebook, have opened a whole new world for advertisers. Your targeted audience can see the video ad content before, during, or after their video content

Nowadays most people watch videos on their smartphones. We can use a wide range of methods to display video ads on a mobile phone. Methods like optimizing YouTube ads and Shopping ads that get displayed underneath the main video, sponsored ads that are shown at the beginning of video content, and many more

Customers love video ads right now. YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the Internet now and people spend around 33% of their time online engaging with video content. Videos perform well on both big and small screens so the engagement rate will be higher.

360° display ads

A 360-degree display ad is kind of a virtual reality ad that makes your potential customers interact with the content of the ad. 360-Degree degree display ads react to the movement of the phone through its mobile gyroscope so they interact with the ads directly by rotating their phones or moving through space.

Major Display Ad Networks

Finding the right space to place your display ads by knowing your audience is a very important part of the process of advertising. It can also be based on the budget. The number of Targeting options available is countless. But there are some channels which can definitely give us both visibility and result. They are

  • Social Networks
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Google Display Network
  • And also other popular websites and portals

Benefits of Display advertisement

Visually Appealing and Engaging

The aesthetic appeal of display advertising is unmatched. when compared to text-based advertising display ads make the customers be more immersed and engaged in the ad. it will have more impact and it is more likely to get a response from the targeted audience. When they’re done right, the Audience is going to want to click on your ads simply because they’re so visually alluring

Increase in Traffic

By making the display ad reach the right audience and following them wherever they go, more people are going to wonder what the ad is all about and many of them will eventually click your ad and end up on your landing page out of sheer curiosity. display ads have a significant impact on search applications, as well as clicks. using Google Display Ads can increase the website traffic and the number of returning visitors by about 65 per cent.

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How does display advertising help your business

The Starting Cost is Low

As opposed to other advertising channels like Tv and Radio, which require a large investment in advertising, it is relatively cheap to start running display ads. With just an image and some text, you can start running display ads which will help you drive more traffic to your website

Targeting and Retargeting Customers

With display ads, we can target people who will be exposed to the ads based on demographics, the time of the day when you want the ads to be displayed, or the location of the consumers. We can also target people more specifically based on things like the applications and websites they have visited, age, income, gender, interests, education, or any combination of these factors. consumers also prefer ads that are more personal. so it is a win-win on both sides

Retargeting allows re-engaging the people who have already visited our website and have not shown interest the first time. only two percent of those who visit an online store will actually buy something on their first visit, and retargeting works to bring back the other 98 percent.


Display advertising is very trackable. In the past, it was possible only to have a meagre amount of information on how the ads were performing and who all were seeing it. but with display ads when the ads are live we can know exactly how many times the ad was displayed and how many times it was clicked, we can also know the nature and value of every conversion those ads have provided. These metrics allow us to easily measure return on investment(ROI), test out our ad campaigns and avoid wasting money by determining what’s working and what is not.

Why Choose Datameris For effective Display Ads

Datameris It solutions is the best digital marketing agency in Kerala. We have assembled a team that includes designers and marketers who have a unique vision and originality which is unrivaled. As advertising is a major part of digital marketing, we have professionals who concentrate on it and makes effective ad campaigns

With our display ad campaigns, we let you reach your potential customers with visually engaging ads across millions of websites and apps and expand the reach of your Search campaigns
We design visually engaging calls to action to drive sales and sign-ups thus increasing your potential leads.

We create memorable ads to make people aware of your brand or consider your product. We back it up with dedicated marketing by placing your display ads based on available audience targeting, your budget, etc. We give high focus on remarketing and following up with people who’ve already seen your ads or visited your site. which will increase your sales and leads

Our designing team concentrates on Structure, Color pallet, Typography, and many more technical aspects of the ad, but we always keep in mind that the best way to reach the heart of the customers is by being simple and highly creative at the same time.

It is really important to advertise your business. That is one of the most important routes through which we can reach the minds of our customers. We know its importance and we are here to help

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